The Battle Flag

The Battle Flag

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Presenting at long last, the next step in the evolution of American Yogi: The Battle Flag.

Because let's be real. This shit is a battle. A daily, weekly, sometimes minute by minute search for peace. To find our meaning. To feel a little less pain. Hell, to get out of bed some mornings.

And who are we? We're wayward, headstrong, stubborn, obstinate, rebellious cats. We don't fit the mold. We've spent our entire lives wandering, searching for our kin. For the family who choose to ask the same questions we ponder in our beds at night.

Every American Yogi design comes with a story. Consider this our crest.

The arrowhead is that of the WWII-era First Special Service Force, to which modern American SOF traces its roots. Whether I'm in a moment of extreme love or hate in my relationship with the service, it's a part of who I am. It's caused me pain only equaled by the healing it's forced me to seek.

The caduceus: a two headed staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology that has come to represent the field of medicine. Though most of you may not know Mike, the better half of American Yogi, he's the backbone of everything we put out into the world. His business acumen brought AY to reality and keeps us afloat. He's spent the better part of his life in the service of others, whether running calls on the streets of Boston or clotting wounds in the ERs of Tampa.

Together, it's who we are. A couple dudes who brainstormed a movement on the backside of a used napkin at the dinner table.

And it's you.

The Marines, Soldiers, teachers, mechanics, therapists, surfers, tradesmen, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters across the globe who we now call family.

It's a celebration of who we are. Of who we long to be.

Defiant souls who refuse to go quietly into the night.

So join us. And fly the flag. 

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