Spiritual Armor Mala Beads
Spiritual Armor Mala Beads
Spiritual Armor Mala Beads
Spiritual Armor Mala Beads

Spiritual Armor Mala Beads

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Mala beads serve as a talisman. A gentle reminder to breathe. A tool to help bring you back down to earth and out of bouts of stress, panic, or anxiety.

I carry mine on a daily basis both in and out of uniform. After what felt like years without taking a deep breath, meditation now serves as the most powerful tool for my healing.

My mala serves as a silent guide.

In the same way that American Yogi strives for inclusivity in the yoga space, we wanted to create a tool for breathing that could be carried by the Soldier, medic, farmer, student, teacher, and others across all walks of life--without judgement or insecurity.

The idea for our mala came in conjunction with the creation of The American Yogi Brothers in Arms Fund--a fund created to honor the memory of a close friend that passed in 2015. After he died, myself and others from our platoon replicated his "Brothers in Arms" tattoo we saw on his forearm just after he left this world. He inspired us to follow our dreams. With the fund, we aim to help another veteran fund their dream and pursue their goals--anywhere in the world. $15 from every mala sold will go directly into the fund. [You can also donate through the "Brothers in Arms" button under the accessories tab.]

Every set of Spiritual Armor is handmade in the US by Chris Eder of Mala for Vets, a veteran owned/operated business based in Florida. 

Limited number of malas available of this single-run design. Each set is unique, and will not be produced again. 


The charm: A grounded Buddha framed by a spade, a symbol for the Special Operations community.

The beads: Black Onyx, Bayong Wood, Tigers Eye

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