Manifest Your Stoke -  Crop Top
Manifest Your Stoke -  Crop Top
Manifest Your Stoke -  Crop Top

Manifest Your Stoke - Crop Top

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More than a shirt. More than a picture. More than a motto.

It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset. It's a vibe that transcends time, place, and generation.

The story behind the iconic image.

I remembered seeing the photo years before, yet didn't know who it was and didn't have the slightest inkling of the story behind it. I made a vow, however, that if I was going to print this incredible shot, that I was going to do it right--so I embarked on a journey for answers.

It started with a simple google search. I eventually found the picture printed in an article on a surf documentary and started cold calling the producers from the white pages. After finally getting through, my first call progressed into days of more phone calls, emails, talks with Vietnam vets, and scouring news articles until I was finally able to learn about the man behind the iconic image, the late Jerry Shine.

The journey brought me eventually to a conversation with his wife. With her blessing, Jerry's memory will touch the soul of everyone who sees or wears his image.

Jerry embodied all that we stand for in our community. As a Navy Seabee, Jerry smuggled his board into Vietnam. After catching hell from the ship’s captain for his actions, Jerry eventually made it to Danang and onto the waves of the South China Sea, where he later used his board to rescue four endangered swimmers from the water.

So long as you speak their names, they are never truly gone. Continue to tell their stories, honor their sacrifice, and take pride in continuing the incredible legacy that Jerry, and those who served alongside him, left behind.

Welcome home.


65/35 Cotton-Viscose Blend

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