"Cobra, Eagle, Mountain, Warrior"

"Cobra, Eagle, Mountain, Warrior"

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COBRA. Thousands of years ago in India, the snake was sacred, even thought to be a relative of an ancient warrior tribe. It was celebrated and even seen as a protector of men. Channel this immense strength within yourself.

EAGLE. A huge, mythical bird in ancient Hindu faith. King of all that flies. A hero. Show your body that you can embrace and overcome obstacles.

MOUNTAIN. You’re tall. You’re grounded. You’re at peace. If even for a moment, in that moment of time you've found the strongest version of your body and melded it with your soul.

WARRIOR. In Sanskrit, translates to both “hero” and “friend.”  Challenge yourself. You've worked through pain, resistance, sweat, and the urge to quit, and you've come out the other side. You found a moment of complete mindfulness.

Now let the world know.

3.5oz 65% Poly 35% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton Shirt


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