Some Q&A with the fellas:

1. So who are you guys?

We're brothers, first. Second, we're an active duty soldier and an emergency medicine provider seeking to find our own space in this yoga community. We have very different real-world experiences that we have found resonate with a large majority of our American Yogi family. 

2. Where do these sweet threads come from?

All of our shirts are designed by us, locally crafted, and hand-printed in North Carolina. 

3. How do the shirts fit?

All of our shirts are a ring-spun cotton/poly-blend material which has very minimal shrink. To be specific - WHITE shirts don't shrink, BLACK shirts shrink minimally, and GREY shirts shrink just a tad more. OD GREEN shirts are a tri-blend material (Rayon-added), so they're soft and stretchy. Women's tanks are true to size, and are all racerback for maximum freedom to move. V-necks run just a bit small.

4. How is shipping done?

All shipping is via USPS, weight-based.  Contact us for other options.

5.  Do you guys make hats, blankets, stethoscopes,  handstand fluid, etc?

Not yet. Have a studio that's looking for a bulk order? Shoot us a line. We may have a solution.

6. Are you in stores?

Yes. We have retail partners, across the country, growing with us daily. Contact us to find out if American Yogi is carried in a studio or gym in your area.

7.  What's your favorite "pose" (asana)?

Skandasana...no, wait...Savasana.  Always Savasana.