AY x HHP : M-Phoria
AY x HHP : M-Phoria
AY x HHP : M-Phoria

AY x HHP : M-Phoria

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American Yogi and Heroic Hearts Project present their first collaboration: M-Phoria.

100% of the profits from the sale of this shirt go directly toward sending a military veteran on a life-changing psychedelic medicine retreat. 

About the shirt:

For millions of veterans, the rifle stands not only as an emphatic symbol of military service, but also as a lifesaver when needed most. Pictured here, the rifle holds what could be a veteran’s next life-changing tool: psilocybin.

The front seal of the shirt symbolizes the spiritual and psychedelic healing journey of the peace seeker. The skull: An ever present reminder of death. The death of our old selves, of our pain, our darkness, of a self-narrative that no longer serves us. The thorn-filled roses: Like a snake shedding it's skin, we choose to walk through the thorns along paths equally as beautiful as they are challenging. The all-seeing eye: A representation of the knowledge gained through it all. The wisdom that lives within us on the other side.  

About Heroic Hearts Project:

”If you actually want to support the troops, support psychedelic research.” 

HHP’s mission is to build a healing community that helps veterans suffering from military trauma recover and thrive by providing them with safe, supervised access to psychedelic treatments, professional coaching, and ongoing peer support.

Having experienced the healing power of psilocybin personally, the co-founder of American Yogi attended a Heroic Hearts Project ayahuasca retreat in 2022 that fundamentally changed his life. After nearly two decades of suffering a host of issues under the umbrella of Post-Traumatic Stress, psychedelic medicine did for him what years of medication and therapy could not. American Yogi now stands firmly behind Heroic Hearts Project and is proud to help another veteran get the help they need.

Printed in the USA 

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