"The Buddha" and Shaka Sticker Set

"The Buddha" and Shaka Sticker Set

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Spiritual reckoning isn't black and white. It's messy. It's a fight to the death with the darkest parts of our being, our ego--our soul. And while we move forward on our journey, we breathe into growth and embrace the duality of our spiritual and physical lives.

Buddha serves as an iconic symbol of peace. The skull, a symbol of life's temporal nature and a reminder of our own fortune to be alive. The rifle, an icon of war, struggle, rebellion, holds a lotus--for peace, purity, and rebirth.

Together, this design represents the ability within us all to hold the pieces that make us who are as one, a strong reminder of what's possible within each one of us.

Don't forget to snag a rad shirt and pennant of the same design!

Size: 3.5" Shaka and 5" Buddha

Material: Vinyl laminate built for indoor and outdoor use!


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